Aalst - Dendermonde - Lebbeke

12 October 2015

Aalst had about 35,000 inhabitants in 1914. It was a famous textile city dotted with weaving mills, yarn-spinning mills and lace factories. After Brussels was captured on 20 Augustus 1914, German troops marched through the area of the Scheldt and Dender Rivers. They plundered, fought and committed arson. The inhabitants of Aalst and Dendermonde awaited their arrival in panic and fear. Rightfully so because the German troops left a path of destruction everywhere they went. Inhabitants, soldiers and administrators will tell you their story about the German army marching through Dendermonde, Aalst and Lebbeke. Feel like cycling? Download the route and go to the city park of Aalst. 

  • place Stadspark

  • place Spoorwegbrug

  • place Zwarte Hoekstraat

  • place Sas van Wieze