Puurs - Bornem - Sint-Amands

12 October 2015

Of all the forts in Scheldeland, Fort Breendonk is probably the most famous. Together with Fort Bornem and Fort Liezele, it is part of the outermost belt of forts around Antwerp. They were built to ensure that Belgium could withstand an attack by foreign troops. Meters-thick walls, wide moats, barbed wire barricades, canons in turrets and enormous stocks of weapons and ammunition were supposed to help. But nothing could match the superior strength of the German army. King Albert withdrew his troops to behind the Yser River and a long positional conflict began. Inhabitants, soldiers and administrators will tell you their story about the battles in Scheldeland. Ready for a cycling trip? Download the route and go to Fort Liezele. 

  • place Fort van Liezele

  • place Sint-Leonarduskerk

  • place Gedenkteken

  • place Station Puurs